Premise Entry Monitoring System (PEMS)

Public Record Enquiry & Verification System (PREVS) is a secure public facing system designed for the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the sole purpose of making enquiry about and validating any public document online via mobile devices or Web Services APIs anywhere and anytime for consumption of both the general public and corporate entities.

PREVS ultimately serves as a one-stop portal for both individuals and institutions (government and nongovernment) worldwide to confirm the authenticity and validity of documents and IDs issued by Nigerian government and major nongovernmental institutions. Its primary purpose is to increase trust and confidence in government issued IDs, Certificates and other major public documents. PREVS as a complete system is subdivided into three application modules:

1). The Enquiry and Verification System - The public facing module

2). The PREVS-Custodian System – The resident module at the document custodian HQ

3). The PREVS-Admin System – The system-wide configuration module