Car Park Locator

A well-known attending issues that comes with fast pace development in modern urban cities is traffic congestion. This is made worse by mindlessly vehicles parked on most highways due to lack of regulations, especially in developing countries.

It is often a lot of frustrations for well-intentioned vehicle owners to find safe and conducive parking space in an unfamiliar environment. These vehicle owners are, therefore, forced to park their cars at any location they could get all at their own risk. In addition to worsening already congested traffic situation in such location, the vehicle owners themselves are exposed to several risks which include but limited to their being burgled or towed away by unknown individuals or government agency. Thus, it is imperative to provide innovative solution that would reduce the monetary and productive time loss due to these problems.

Parking Space Locator App is, therefore, presented as a unique tech-based solution to fill this void particularly in developing countries. Parking Space Locator App is a mobile app solution which helps vehicle owners to easily locate the nearest approved and safe parking space to them while also helping parking space owners (government and individuals) to enormously profit from the use of their properties.