About Us

Pioneer Data Solutions

Pioneer Data Solutions Ltd has positioned itself as one of the leading consulting firms in Nigeria for information technology. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Pioneer Data Solutions has gained unparalleled experience with both private and public-sector entities from diverse fields.

Who We Are

Pioneer Data Solutions was primarily focused on developing applications and implementing IT solutions. However, we noticed conflicts between IT and business goals. As a result, we evolved and increased our capacity beyond software development. Today, we provide additional services to cater to mobility, business intelligence, and material master data management.

What We Do

Ultimately, we make your processes better. At Pioneer Data Solutions, we develop applications to optimise your operational efficiency and maximise your information capture and distribution. Our applications comply with all relevant guidelines, standards, and best practices to ensure you have the desired competitive advantage to succeed. Note we serve a range of private businesses, public entities and government agencies.

Our Vision

To reliably and consistently pioneer creative, client-focused solutions.

Our Value

We pride ourselves on our integrity and desire for our clients’ success.

Integrity: Our unwavering integrity, ethics, and honesty accountability have guaranteed the trust of our clients in our services and recommendations.

Success of Clients: Our services are complete when our clients meet their objectives and succeed in their respective markets. We analyse their potential gaps and places for improvement. We then assist them to implement appropriate measures. And Pioneer Data Solutions also maintains long-term relationships in order to provide our clients with the highest quality and most relevant solutions (and support).

Respect for Self and Others: At Pioneer Data Solutions we have developed a culture of respect for self and others. We believe strongly that respect for self and others helps to fulfil our potentials and develop healthy relationships in our everyday interactions within our own team and with our clients.